Time Travelling Toaster De-Limo-Rean

Today’s precious gem comes from Collin Marlow from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada…


As you can see from the image above, “precious” doesn’t do the image justice.

We think fantastically ludicrously epically awesome sauce, yet super duper geekily badass describes this situation a little better. (FLEASYSDGB for short)…

Alright, nay-sayers… we know what you’re thinking…

“pffft… give me a break, this ain’t REAL… this just be some photoshop voodoo stuff”

Well, hey, we get it. It totally is just photoshop. Nobody’s trying to fool anyone here.

We and Collin admit it. It’s photoshopped, it’s not real, it’s just a fake picture of something that never happened.

But you know what? We don’t care that it never happened. The cool part we’re all interested in, is that it COULD happen.

We believe Lloyd Christmas says it best…

“… so you’re telling me there’s a chance! YEAHHH!!!” That’s right boys and girls, we choose to live in a world of hope and possibility. Those who choose the same can join us… those who don’t can eat burnt toast.

We also state on our about page that we’re totally cool with fake toaster posing pics… Go ahead… go check out the about page and read the fine print.

Before we pass it over to Collin, here’s a little housekeeping to give credit where credit is due:

The story Collin has for you is quite inspirational and we applaud him for his actions.

On with the show. Take it away Collin from Vancouver Canada eh!

“Hi there PWYT family, my name is Collin Marlow and I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The story behind my picture is a bit of a strange one. It’s a story of passion… of dreams… of regret, but also of victory. It’s a story that is dear to my heart. Let me explain…

I’ve always been a big fan of the Back to the Future series. I’ve always wanted to be Marty McFly… to be able to travel through time in the DeLorean and change events in the past with Doc Brown.

I never did think that desire would hit home so hard.

The closest I could get to becoming Marty McFly was to get his car, the DeLorean.

5 months ago, after a lot of saving up money and research, I was able to find someone who was willing to sell me their DeLorean. I live in Vancouver and the seller was in Coquitlam. We met about half way and did the exchange.

There was one small issue… one decision I had to make. I couldn’t get the car insured right then and there. I could either drive the car home uninsured and have it in my garage that day, or I could leave it at my uncle’s house and have someone come insure it the week after.

My impatience and joy having finally gotten the car in my hands came over me. I think you can probably tell where this is going.

I made the decision to risk it. I decided to drive the DeLorean home uninsured. It wasn’t that far… about 15 minutes. Besides, I’d get to enjoy driving the car home that very minute.

Driving in the DeLorean was great. Man… I felt like Marty McFly driving the great DeLorean time machine with Doc Brown by my side. I was on top of the world—like that guy from Titanic, except cooler. (no offense)

I was just 2 minutes away from home when it happened.

Long story short… I got into an accident and the car was nearly a complete wreck.

It felt like the world was against me that day… I was devastated. Dumfounded.

It was a traumatizing experience and I know I had another choice to make…

I could let this event torment me for years to come and get bitter about it… always living in regret… always wishing I could literally go back in time to change my decision.

OR, I could make the most of the situation and celebrate what I had. I had gotten to experience a dream come true. I had my DeLorean, I drove it, I loved it, I felt like McFly and Doc Brown.

Those were my choices. I chose the latter.

To make the most of what I had, I sold what was left of the DeLorean for scraps and kept a few pieces of it for the sake of sentimentality. I decided to move on use the money for one last ride.

I hired a limo company in town to take me around for a bit of closure.

The picture above commemorates this ride. Maybe it wasn’t as cool as the DeLorean, but I imagined Doc was right there with me, riding in style away from that tragic event of the past. The toaster on top is there for two reasons. I imagine Doc would have used some appliance parts to run a time machine, and because I knew that I wanted to submit the picture to you guys here at PWYT.

Thanks to VanCity Limos for the awesome limousine ride. They’re the same company I got the background from. I told the chauffeur about my story and he told me he was impressed with how I was dealing with the situation.

Thanks for reading and sharing in this experience with me. Thanks for helping me cherish the experience of my dream and helping me move on.”

Great Timing Jessie!

Today’s fabulous toaster pose comes from Jessie L. from Houston, Texas.

Jessie says he worked real hard to get this photo made for us.

There isn’t too much of a story to go with this one… it’s more an explanation for how he did it, and a list of troubles he had to go through to get the photo to turn out properly. Poor guy…

Jessie writes…
“Greetings, toaster posing fans. My name is Jessie and I wanted to get a little ambitious with my toaster photo. I got into photography recently and I bought some gear to play with. Some of this gear includes a cloth background, camera tripod, flash and a couple lenses.

My idea was to use this poster photo as an opportunity to use my camera gear for the first time and take a ‘freeze frame’ photo, especially since I had a new flash to play with.

I set it all up on a tripod, and quickly threw my background up as well. (notice all the wrinkles and lack of care to hang it up properly… it was fresh out of the box.)

Anyway, I got my tripod and flash set up and the plan was to take the photo as the toast sprung out, so the toast would be frozen in mid air. Sounded like a relatively simple idea at the time. How hard could it be, right? Boy was I wrong.

First problem: getting the toast to spring into the air that high.

Good thing I’m an engineer… I was able to modify my toaster to give it that extra oomph to launch those bad boys a good 6 inches into the air. The process was a little complicated—I won’t bore you with all the details.

Second problem: getting both slices to actually pop out of the toaster at the same time. Solution was similar to the first problem. I used my handy dandy engineering skills to get those toast slices to play nice.

Third problem was the timing. My engineering skills wouldn’t come in handy with this. I had to seek the help of my roommate to help me with this. It’s obvious that setting the timer on the camera wasn’t going to get me anywhere close to the accuracy in timing I needed to get the shot done. I asked my roommate to get behind the camera to push the shutter button at just the right time.

Timing was much harder than it sounds. It must’ve been about an hour of pure trial and error before we got the perfect shot.

In that time, we went through one and a half loaves of bread. They all got toasted up pretty well. You can see that the toast in the photo got real nice and toasty. A handful more times and those would have been black.

At the time of my writing this, I’m experiencing the side effects of this whole photo shoot. I’ve got a bit of a headache from all the repeated camera flashes that went off straight into my eye. I’ve also got a good case of face-ache from holding that bloody smile for almost a good hour.

Well, glad I got that done. Enjoy the fruits of my labor.”