This site was made in reaction to the award winning Mercedes Benz commercial that said…

“No one ever poses with their toaster”
—Mercedes Benz Commercial

It’s not that we don’t like Mercedes Benz… We’re just a little rebellious and happen to think posing with your toaster is a fun thing to do and share with others.
We believe there are hundreds, if not thousands (even millions) of people who would love to pose with their toasters, and share it with the world.
If that sounds like you, you’ve found your home and we welcome you with open arms.


The mission of posewithyourtoaster.com is to entertain the whole PWYT community with hilarious and creative photos and stories involving people and their toasters in uncommon places or circumstances.


The community is open to all and everyone who wants to participate or passively observe. There is no formal way to join and no membership to sign up for. Is there a fee to access such an incredible community and content? Fortunately, there is no fee to pay. Being a part of this community is completely free, forever.


If you would like to contribute a photo and story of yourself posing with your toaster, simply send your story and photo to mypose@posewithyourtoaster.com.
Your photo and story will be reviewed shortly after we receive it. If it passes review, it will be posted within the next week or so. You will be notified and thanked when your entry has been approved.


We welcome just about anything and everything, as long as it has some creative or funny element to it, and involves someone posing with a toaster. If you submit anything that is inappropriate, such as something that has excessive nudity, violence, gore,etc… we reserve the right do what we can to make it publishable. If we are unable to make it publishable, we will notify you. Most likely, most submissions will be publishable. You would need to try pretty hard to make something not publishable here. ;) But let’s try to keep things clean and legal here, yeah?
We will accept fake photos and/or stories, as long as they are entertaining enough.
We look forward to your submissions! Happy toaster posing!

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