Great Timing Jessie!

Today’s fabulous toaster pose comes from Jessie L. from Houston, Texas.

Jessie says he worked real hard to get this photo made for us.

There isn’t too much of a story to go with this one… it’s more an explanation for how he did it, and a list of troubles he had to go through to get the photo to turn out properly. Poor guy…

Jessie writes…
“Greetings, toaster posing fans. My name is Jessie and I wanted to get a little ambitious with my toaster photo. I got into photography recently and I bought some gear to play with. Some of this gear includes a cloth background, camera tripod, flash and a couple lenses.

My idea was to use this poster photo as an opportunity to use my camera gear for the first time and take a ‘freeze frame’ photo, especially since I had a new flash to play with.

I set it all up on a tripod, and quickly threw my background up as well. (notice all the wrinkles and lack of care to hang it up properly… it was fresh out of the box.)

Anyway, I got my tripod and flash set up and the plan was to take the photo as the toast sprung out, so the toast would be frozen in mid air. Sounded like a relatively simple idea at the time. How hard could it be, right? Boy was I wrong.

First problem: getting the toast to spring into the air that high.

Good thing I’m an engineer… I was able to modify my toaster to give it that extra oomph to launch those bad boys a good 6 inches into the air. The process was a little complicated—I won’t bore you with all the details.

Second problem: getting both slices to actually pop out of the toaster at the same time. Solution was similar to the first problem. I used my handy dandy engineering skills to get those toast slices to play nice.

Third problem was the timing. My engineering skills wouldn’t come in handy with this. I had to seek the help of my roommate to help me with this. It’s obvious that setting the timer on the camera wasn’t going to get me anywhere close to the accuracy in timing I needed to get the shot done. I asked my roommate to get behind the camera to push the shutter button at just the right time.

Timing was much harder than it sounds. It must’ve been about an hour of pure trial and error before we got the perfect shot.

In that time, we went through one and a half loaves of bread. They all got toasted up pretty well. You can see that the toast in the photo got real nice and toasty. A handful more times and those would have been black.

At the time of my writing this, I’m experiencing the side effects of this whole photo shoot. I’ve got a bit of a headache from all the repeated camera flashes that went off straight into my eye. I’ve also got a good case of face-ache from holding that bloody smile for almost a good hour.

Well, glad I got that done. Enjoy the fruits of my labor.”