Impatient Skittles

Today’s PWYT photo comes from Greg H. who works at an auto towing company in Richmond, British Columbia.


We all (and clearly just about everyone on the internet) love cat photos.  We have no idea why cat photos get so much attention, but for some reason they do.

We originally created PWYT to be about PEOPLE posing with their toasters, but we have now officially extended this to include people’s pets posing with their toasters.  There was no hard and fast rule on this.  To tell you the truth, we never really thought too hard about it.  To our creative readers out there that like to break the rules, don’t get any smart ideas!  This is a wholesome, fun, family-friendly website.  We will not take… well… we’ll probably look at everything you send us… BUT we will certainly NOT post anything and everything you send us.  Let’s keep this wholesome here.

Alright, back to our scheduled programming…  Here’s what Greg had to say about his picture:

“Hey PWYT!  Greg here, writing to you from Richmond BC.  I’ve been following PWYT for a little while now.  I’ve got it bookmarked on my phone and I check back here once in a while when I check up on my internet feed, which usually happens when I’m sitting on the crapper.  Apologies for the mental image.  I don’t usually submit stuff like this to websites, but I like you guys and thought I’d do a bit of giving back.  Here’s how the picture happened.

My feline friend Skittles really likes to have some warm tuna on toast as a treat.  I don’t give it to her too often… only about once a month.  I popped a slice of toast into the toaster and went to conduct my business in the bathroom.  On this day, I happened to check up on PWYT and I saw your most recent post with Fred and his toaster (hilarious by the way).  When I came out of the bathroom, Skittles was posing just like you can see in the picture attached to this email, really eagerly awaiting her toasty tuna treat.  Having just gotten caught up with PWYT in the bathroom, I thought this was the perfect chance for a picture.  I don’t think Skittles has ever been on the internet yet.  This will be her first.

She was also doing this funny waddle action, which I’ve never seen her to do in the past.  I tried to switch it over to video so I could film her doing her new waddle thing.  By the time I switched over, she got down from the cabinet door, sat up really straight and just stared at me with this half-sleepy facial expression.  I think she somehow knew that I was going to try to take a video and she didn’t approve.  Sometimes I get creeped out by how smart she is.  Sorry, no video this time.  Do you guys accept videos, by the way?

Anyway, that’s all from me!  Let me know if you have any questions.  I’ll look forward to reading this in the bathroom ;)”

There you have it, folks—Skittles impatiently waiting for her toasty tuna toast.  Tune in next time for more PWYT goodness!

PS… Greg, we haven’t given much thought to whether videos are okay or not.  So far we don’t have any videos posted, nor have we received any videos from people.  However, we’ll have a quick meeting to discuss this amongst ourselves.  *discussing the video issue…*  We’re back!  We’ve come to the unanimous decision that videos are okay, since “Pose With Your Toaster” does not imply specifically images or videos.  It only requires someone (or something) to be posing with a toaster.  Again… creative people, don’t get any funny ideas.  You can send weird stuff to us, but we’ve got an obligation to filter out stuff that doesn’t fit with PWYT’s policies.  You know who you are…

Until next time, stay tuned and keep those photos (and now videos!) coming in…